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Woodland Environmental Fund


Native Woodland

Native woodlands are an important part of Ireland’s natural heritage, history and culture, and are unique in terms of their biodiversity. 

They are home to specialised woodland animals, birds, insects and plants, including red squirrel, pine marten, great spotted woodpecker, narrow-leaved helleborine and wood millet, to name but a few. 

They provide numerous ecosystem services, including the protection and enhancement of water quality, wider habitat linkage, landscape enhancement, opportunities for outdoor recreation and interpretation, and carbon capture.

Woodland Environmental Fund

The objective of the Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF) is to facilitate the planting of more native woodlands within Ireland in light of their proven environmental benefits. This offers some landowners the possibility of an additional €1,000 per hectare as an incentive to plant Native Forests.  This once off payment is paid following satisfactory completion of the planting and is a top up to the €1,103 per hectare annual forest premium payable for native forests under Forest Type 1

In doing so, the fund offers an opportunity for businesses to partner with Government and private landowners in creating these diverse woodland habitats.

With some native species such as oak growing for over 100 years these forests will become a long lasting feature of the landscape adding colour and diversity to an area that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.  

This process is handled by registered Natural Capital Facilitators.  Forestry Services are registered Natural Capital Facilitators for the Woodland environmental Fund

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