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Ash DieBack Scheme


Ash DieBack

Our native ash trees are under threat from a new tree disease. The confirmed arrival of Chalara (now Hymenocyphus fraxinea) in 2012 now means that Ash dieback has a more virulent and devastating cause. Chalara (ka-lar-a) infection is now causing rapid decline and ultimately death of young, middle aged and mature Ash trees across all of Ireland.The decline poses a risk to landowners for both public safety and deterioration of woodland cover and the ecological, social and economic benefits these woodlands provide. In turn is creating problems for forestry and woodland managers, as well as massively increasing tree related public safety.

Wilting foliage and stem lesions are two of the signs of the dreaded chalara fraxinea, otherwise known as ‘Ash Dieback’.
Ash DieBack Harvesting

Forestry Services Limited and Euroforest bring together many years of experience in the forest industry to provide a high quality and efficient end to end service to address the ash disease epidemic.

If you have symptoms of the disease in your plantation please check out Together we offer services regarding identifying the disease, responding, restoring and managing the site.