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Neighbourwood Scheme

NeighbourWood Scheme

The Neighbour wood scheme provides grant aid for local authorities, private landowners and others to develop attractive local woodland amenities – or Neighbour woods – in and around villages, towns and cities, specifically for public access and enjoyment.


Neighbour Woods are now Forest Type 4 (FT4) in the forestry programme and provide for annual forest premiums of €1,142 per hectare per year payable for 20 years to farmers.

Grant aid includes provision for trails, Seats and signage.

Reconstitution of Woodlands Scheme

This scheme is to assist and support forest owners in restoring forests following significant damage by natural causes such as storms, frost and disease. For example, forest owners impacted by Ash dieback can apply for grant aid under the Reconstitution of woodland scheme.

Operations eligible for grant aid include:

  • The removal and destruction of diseased trees
  • Ground preparation
  • Replacement trees
  • Planting
  • Vegetation control for up to 4 years
  • Tree shaping
  • Creation of firebreaks and reservoirs
  • Other operations approved in advance