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Neighbourwood Scheme

NeighbourWood Scheme

The Neighbour wood scheme provides grant aid for local authorities, private landowners and others to develop attractive local woodland amenities – or Neighbour woods – in and around villages, towns and cities, specifically for public access and enjoyment.

This grant scheme is cost based and funding is available under three separate elements

Element 1
Enhancing existing woodland

The 1st installment grant is cost based, is equivalent to 75% of total grant and is payable on completion of the project.

The remaining 25% is payable 4 years after the completion subject to the satisfactory maintenance of the woodland, to a maximum cumulative of €5000/ha.

No premiums are available with this element.


Element 2
Establishing new Woodlands

The 1st installment grant under Element 2 is cost based up to a maximum grant level of €5259.25/ha.

It covers the cost of establishment.

The 2nd installment is payable in year 4 subject to the satisfactory maintenance of the woodland to a maximum grant level of €1,660.82/ha.

NeighbourWood Establishment premiums may be available to a maximum of €527/ha farmer rate, and €211/ha non farmer rate for applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria as set out in the afforestation grant and premium scheme.

Element 3

The grant payable under element 3 is cost based up to the maximum grant level of €4500/ha for the first 10 hectares of forest area submitted and €3000/ha for all subsequent area submitted up to a maximum of 40 hectares.

There are no premiums available with this scheme.

Reconstitution of Woodlands Scheme

A reconstitution grant is available from the Forest Service if a forest is damaged by pests such as deer, grey squirrell, vole, frost, wind blow, etc, if the plantation has been well managed and maintained up to the time it was damaged. The objective of the grant is to repair the damage to plantations by replacing those elements that have been damaged.

The grant is cost based and paid in 2 installments. The first installment of 75% of total grant payable is payable on completion of the project with the remaining 25% payable 4 years later subject tot the satisfactory maintenance of the plantation.

Costs to a maximum of €3,927/ha for conifers

Costs to a maximum of €7,604/ha for broadleaves