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Agroforestry is the combination of agricultural and forestry production on the same piece of land which enables:

More sustainable farming
Production of renewable energy
Improved animal welfare
Localised shelter
Increased biodiversity
Production of quality timber
Mitigation of the negative effects of climate change
Soil amelioration
Water protection
There are 11 different Forest Types that can be planted by farmers under the new Forestry Programme. Agroforestry is forest type 8 (FT8) and allows for the creation of;

Silvopastoral systems (trees and grass)

Silvoarable systems (trees and crops)

Forest gardening systems (small-scale food forest pilot)

The Establishment grant and annual forest premium for Agroforestry is detailed in the table below.

Forest type
Planting Option
Grant/ha (excluding fencing)
Annual premium for farmers per ha
Silvopastoral Systems
€975 for 10 years
Silvoarable systems
€829 for 10 years
Forest gardening
€829 for 10 years

Suitable site type characteristics

A minimum area of 0.5 ha and a stocking of 400 trees per hectare is required. Planting can be:
forest road construction

Acceptable tree species include;

Red Oak

Other species, including conifers can be considered on a site-by-site basis. It is acceptable to have between 15 and 40% fruit and/or nut species depending on the system. Individual trees are protected with tree guards which facilitates grazing by sheep, poultry, or young calves. Silage and hay production is also permitted.
Land planted with FT8 Agroforestry can remain eligible for


N&P and GSR

For 2023 agroforestry is allowed for N&P and GSR. It is not however allowed for Nitrates Derogation as the T&C’s of that require 80% grassland as a minimum.

Once land is converted to agroforestry, it is classified as forest land and the provisions of forest legislation applies.

Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) and Forestry

There is strong compa􀀁bility between the OFS and forestry. OFS parcels can be converted to forestry during the OFS contract without penalty.
Land declared as Agroforestry can be eligible for;

On the same land parcel