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Sell or Buy a Forest

Sell Or Buy A Forest

Buying or Selling a Forest

While trees will grow in many places, the combination of fertile soils and our climate enable us to grow Sitka spruce faster and better than anywhere else in the world.

Sitka spruce performs excellently in plantation grown forestry and on more fertile soils matures in 28 to 35 years in Ireland.

In the medium and long term, diminishing supplies from natural forests and an increase in demand for products from wood, coupled with a deficit of roundwood in Ireland, is likely to result in higher roundwood prices.

Irish forestry offers excellent opportunities for local and International Investors to protect their capital whilst gaining significant returns.

If you are interested in selling or buying a forest please contact us.

What We Provide

The service provided by Forestry Services Ltd enables individual investors to access the industry at any level and have full ownership of their own plantations.

We provide a turnkey tailored service from setting qualification criteria for supports, to setting up any agricultural company required, to sourcing the land for planting or existing forestry, including negotiation of price and liaison with your legal representative.

With our team of foresters and experience garnered since our establishment in 1985, we then provide management services for the lifetime of the crop.

The range of incentives including;

Makes Ireland a unique place worldwide for international and local investors in the forestry sector.

Ireland maintains reciprocal tax relationships with many countries which simplifies the tax position for investors.

Ireland has a stable Government with liberal economic policies. International investors are welcomed in the forestry sector in Ireland.