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The BISS payment is replacing the Single Farm Payment in the next CAP.

Land planted since 2008 can get both the income tax-free annual forestry premium and the BISS payments in the next forestry programme.

There is no requirement to retain 10% of entitlements in forage area to secure the BISS payments.

It is also anticipated that the BISS payments will continue to be eligible for payment on newly planted forestry after the duration of forestry premium payments has finished.

A farmer claiming the average BISS payment and the new forestry premiums for broadleaf forestry can now get in excess of €1,400 per hectare per year, or €570 per acre per year, with the vast majority of this being income tax-free.

Therefore, a farmer planting 20 acres can now secure €11,400 per year, whilst retaining ownership of the crop.

This can also be combined with the ACRES scheme, planning in this manner, will improve overall farm income.

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