Cool Planet & Brown Thomas Arnottes

FSL provided services to Brown Thomas Arnotts as part of their energy and climate change strategy, in collaboration with Cool Planet’s forest fund – ‘Helping companies offset their carbon footprint’. Well done to all the staff involved planting a Native Irish Oak forest in Wicklow, approx. 5 tonnes of carbon taken out of the atmosphere per year. Businesses play a key role in tackling climate change in Ireland, what are your business strategies?

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Forestry Services Ltd

As a dairy farmer, I had little interest in forestry until I purchased land with milk quota in the mid-1990s. Both the milk quota and the forestry have proven good investments. I engaged Forestry Services Ltd to secure the necessary felling licences, construct forest roads and thin the plantations in 2008. The plantations have been second thinned and I am happy with the work that was done and the returns I received from the thinning. I am looking forward to the clearfell and my only regret is that I haven’t got more forestry

Tadhg O’Meara

Chantersland, Emly, Co. Tipperary