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Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS) and Forestry

Farmers will be completing their BISS soon.  The interaction of BISS and forestry premiums is an important factor for many farmers. Land planted since 2009 is eligible for BISS provided the land was declared on a 2008 Single Payment Scheme application and paid in 2008.


There is no longer a requirement to retain 10% of the eligible hectares in forage areas. Exclusion areas in forests under ESB lines can be eligible for BISS subject to terms and conditions.


Forestry premiums should be paid to farmers in the calendar year to be eligible for BISS payments.


In the next forestry programme, it is anticipated that BISS payments will continue to be eligible for payment on newly planted forestry after the duration of the forestry premiums payments have ended.


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We employed Forestry Services to deal with our wind farm tree felling and replanting issues. We were very pleased with the outcome and the way they went about their business. They took ownership of the issues involved and the experience that they brought to bear in terms of finding suitable forestry locations and in their dealings with the Forestry service allowed that portion of the project to progress in a smoothly and in a timely manner. I would have no issue in recommending Forestry Services and intend to use them again in the future.

Dave McNamara

Director Seahound Wind Developments, Co. Clare