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Our Ecology team were busy this week completing a habitat assessment for an existing client of Euroforest Ireland. The site consisted of improved grassland, typical species of this habitat included perennial ryegrass, Yorkshire fog and broad-leaved dock. It is proposed that this site will be planted with sitka spruce.

This site borders a watercourse, which currently has a ‘Water Framework Directive’ status of poor and is identified by the EPA as being at risk. A plot of native woodland will be planted adjoining this watercourse with the aim of providing a buffer zone which will positively impact on the watercourse.


Forestry Services Ltd. will complete the application for afforestation approval and will complete any subsequent work for our client, providing a hassle-free option for forest establishment. This will provide our client with a secure income and tax-free forest premiums amounting to €746/ha for the next 20 years whilst also retaining their Basic Income Support for sustainability payments.


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Forestry Services Ltd

We employed Forestry Services to deal with our wind farm tree felling and replanting issues. We were very pleased with the outcome and the way they went about their business. They took ownership of the issues involved and the experience that they brought to bear in terms of finding suitable forestry locations and in their dealings with the Forestry service allowed that portion of the project to progress in a smoothly and in a timely manner. I would have no issue in recommending Forestry Services and intend to use them again in the future.

Dave McNamara

Director Seahound Wind Developments, Co. Clare