ACRES and Forestry

With proper planning, ACRES and the planting of land or afforestation can be fully compatible. ACRES actions are specified per land parcel, not on the whole farm. A parcel on which an ACRES action is situated may subsequently be split to facilitate afforestation or the planting of forestry. Farmers may opt out of some ACRES […]

EU agrees law to remove CO2 using woodlands, other carbon sinks

The European Union has agreed to a law to expand its forests, marshes and other “sinks” that absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), a measure that could allow the bloc to raise its target for cutting net emissions of greenhouse gases. Negotiators of the European Parliament and the European Council, which represents EU governments, agreed to a […]

ITGA Fieldday Itinerary Fanningsbog woodlands, Co. Tipperary March 27th

In association with Euroforest Ireland & Forestry Services Ltd. Field day to Fanningsbog woodlands, Co. Tipperary. Due to the nature of the site and requirement for bus transport, pre-booking of attendance on the field day is requested. To attend the day, please email for further details on the day and meeting point for bus. […]


Forests have to potential to sequester 8 to 10 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year throughout the rotation of the crop and continue to store carbon in its products for many years after. The afforestation grants available, cover the cost of establishment, with attractive premiums for the first 15 years and tax-free returns at […]

Dunmore East – Neighbourwood Scheme

The Neighbourwood Scheme supports the development of attractive amenities for public use, suitable for public or private landowners in partnership with local communities. Dunmore East, Co. Waterford was restored and developed into a vibrant amenity for people to reconnect with the natural world. This project was funded by the Forest Service and made possible by […]

Ash Die-back Scheme

Euroforest and Forestry Services Limited bring together many years of experience in the forest industry to provide a high quality and efficient end to end service to address the ash disease epidemic. If you have symptoms of the disease in your plantation please check out Together we offer services regarding identifying the disease, responding, […]

Euroforest Ireland Ltd – Brash Harvesting

Extra source of income for Forest Owners. Our sister company Euroforest Ireland Ltd harvesting brash from clear-fell sites for chipping to the biomass market. Reducing the costs at reforestation for the owner while providing carbon-neutral residue to combined heat and power plants around the country.

Cool Planet & Brown Thomas Arnottes

FSL provided services to Brown Thomas Arnotts as part of their energy and climate change strategy, in collaboration with Cool Planet’s forest fund – ‘Helping companies offset their carbon footprint’. Well done to all the staff involved planting a Native Irish Oak forest in Wicklow, approx. 5 tonnes of carbon taken out of the atmosphere […]